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We are property developers and investors with an emphasis on delivering better design and activated architecture. Our focus is to regenerate urban and inner-city neighborhoods and communities across Mexico.

Ten years ago we started a project aimed at turning the historic and often overlooked buildings of Mexico City into an opportunity. We wanted to generate a positive impact on forgotten streets and derelict neighborhoods which had historical provenance and a strong cultural heritage.

Our method was to re-activate spaces and places that were trapped in time. By recycling and recovering structures with a passion, good design and better architecture would result in these flourishing once again. Our goal was to allow those places to unlock their potential as better urban environments to live and work within a reinvigorated local community. 

We have established ourselves as a different type of property developer, offering unique and innovative spaces, understanding the end user, that contributes to the development of the city and community as a whole, always working in compliance with current regulations and laws.

Today, we are driven by the results we’ve achieved. We are navigated by the same group of people from over a decade ago who fight for the ideals that define us and who are driven by the purpose that inspires us to bring about positive change.

We are constantly reinvigorated by stories, history and the heritage of the spaces and areas we work with. Pushed on by the need to do the best we can with respect and care to write a new chapter for future generations.

We believe in better ways to build better cities, better neighbourhoods and better spaces to ultimately inspire better living for owners, tenants, individuals, friends and families to nurture better communities that are sustainable, thoughtful and nourishing.

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M2 saved:

8,807 8000 m2

Commercial spaces created:

24 0 _

Living spaces created:


Architectural heritage:

0 %

Manuel Dublán, reactivating a 19th century building

Chihuahua 139, mixed-use building in Roma

Havre 69, Winner at the Quito Biennial, 2014





At Reurbano, we understand the city as a living and mutable ecosystem that can be transformed through new social dynamics.

By establishing a dialogue between built heritage and contemporary architecture, we develop spaces that generate value in their neighborhoods and a sense of belonging in their users.

With each of our projects, we seek to reactivate space by employing different models of social regeneration through architecture and urban design.


the city as a living ecosystem that transforms and thrives through positive social dynamics.


development as a cohesive agent between public and private space.



the city’s pre-existing spaces with contemporary developments that bridge the gap between history and the present.


areas by employing different models of social regeneration through architecture and urban design.


Re-build local business and community


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